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The Myth Of AHA ~ 果酸會令皮膚變薄嗎?

This post is published in Chinese only. This post is published in Chinese only. 

使用過果酸後皮膚「看起來」薄了,其實只是均勻地退走了「冇用」的角質。一項關於果酸效果的研究* 顯示:

✔ 果酸只會分解角質最表面鬆散的分離層(Stratum Disjunctum),絕不影響角質基本體的細胞橋粒(Desmosomes),其厚度和結構基本沒改變
✔ 使用過果酸後,角質層顯微鏡下變得更加緊密細緻
✔ 果酸不會影響肌膚的水份流失量,肌膚不會因果酸變得乾燥


* M. Fartasch, J. Teal, G. K. Menon - Mode of action of glycolic acid on human stratum corneum: ultrastructural and functional evaluation of the epidermal barrier (Dermatological Research
June 1997, Volume 289, Issue 7, pp 404-409)




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