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Promotes a rapid, effective, and hypoallergenic approach to skin brightening, lightening and to even skin...

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AcroWhite Skin Lightening Serum

HK$535.00 HK$374.50


A scientifically proven antioxidant combination for problematic skin with visibly signs of aging, hyperpigmentation, and...

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C20ie Absolute C-Serum

HK$610.00 HK$427.00

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Provides intensive hydration, repairs damage to skin cells caused by pigmentation or acne, regenerates skin...

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Hydra Repair Skin Repair Gel

HK$395.00 HK$276.50


Formulated with award-winning Metabiotics® Resveratrol and advanced cosmeceutical peptides, all act in synergy to generate...

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Resveratrol Nanocell Serum

HK$670.00 HK$469.00

Cellbone's Active Ingredients