FAQs from our customers about Cellbone products and services, if you need additional info, please email us at customerservice@cellbone.com.hk

About Cellbone Products

Most Cellbone products are suitable for use by pregant or breast-feeding women except for those that contain AHA, BHA, Mandelic Acids, and Retinol. Please refrain from using products that contain these ingredients.
Store your products in a cool, dry, and dark place, for example, inside a drawer in your bedroom. Please avoid exposing them to strong light, or leaving them at a humid, warm place such as your bathroom. Do not store them in refrigerator, and always tightly screw the bottles after use.
Each unopened product has a shelf life of 18 months - a little shorter than common cosmetics products due to its active content. Once opened we recommend you finish within 6 months.
Our face serums will not damage your eyes or cause adverse effects to the skin near eyes. However, if you eyes are too sensitive they might easily get swollen or tear up once got near to the serum. Therefore we would recommend not to use face serum near eyes.
Due to the high potency of our face serums, we do not recommend using too much on skin each time. We recommend using only 5-6 drops for entire face. Also if you are new to Cellbone, you might need to slightly adjust your skincare regimen from now on. For instance, prior to using Cellbone you might need a rich moisturizer everyday. But after using Cellbone's serum a rich moisturizer might no longer be needed because the serum itself is already moisturzing enough and has given enough nourishment to skin. You might then need to switch to a light face lotion or a simple hydration gel from now on.
For most products, we try not to add unnecessary fragrance to mask the natural scent of the ingredients because the results is what we emphasize on. The scent you mentioned comes naturally from the ingredients used in the products.
Unlike common cosmetics products which contain mostly binding agents, water, and base cream, Cellbone products contain mostly very active ingredients that produce real skin care results. Therefore adding in bacterial-killing agents is essential to stablize products throughout their term before expiry.
Unless time stops it is normal for your skin to deteriorate as you age and expose to sun and environmental damages each day. That's why daily skin care maintenance is essential to protect your skin from further damages, and to rectify existing skin problems. If our products did transform your skin, stop using them would definitely stop all the work being done. Your skin would return to its natural state affected and damaged by aging and by environment.

About Rewards Program

We're sorry online purchases are entitled to Online Rewards Points ONLY. VIP stamps are for Stores/Manning's purchases. Online Points and VIP Stamps are not exchangeable and cannot be combined.
Yes, Online Rewards Points expire in 365 days if you do not use them.
Yes, Stores VIP stamps for the current year expire on 31 Dec of every year. You must redeem gift prior to this date.
Stores VIP gift redemption normally takes 2-3 weeks. Our Beauty Advisor will contact you once they arrive store for pickup.