Cellbone HK Online Rewards Program !

Create an online account and start earning reward points to redeem fabulous gifts!

Manning's VIP Rewards Program Discontinued

We regret to inform that Cellbone VIP Rewards Program for Manning's Customers has ceased beginning 2017. Purchases made at Manning's Cellbone counters will no longer entitle to VIP Reward Stamps. The current Cellbone HK Rewards Program is valid ONLY to online and specialty stores' customers.

How To Earn Online Points

Earn points by simply completing any one or all of the tasks below :

Earn 300 Points Upon Signup!
Earn 1 Point With Every HK$1 Spent!
Refer A Friend To Earn 500 Points!
Earn 500 Points On Birthday!

How To Spend Online Points

Use your Online Points to redeem the following ONLINE CASH VOUCHERS and/or CELLBONE PRODUCTS!

HK$100 Online Cash Voucher*
1000 Points Required

HK$200 Online Cash Voucher*
1900 Points Required

HK$300 Online Cash Voucher*
2700 Points Required

Collagen Mask Firm Therapy Serum (30ml)
Mandelic Skin Refresher (120ml)
3000 Points Required

Hydra Collagen Advanced Skin Hydration Gel (30ml)
Mandelic Skin Rejuvenator (30ml)
4000 Points Required

Eye Complex Eye Firm Cream (33ml)
AcroWhite Skin Lightening Serum (30ml)
5000 Points Required

To redeem rewards or learn more about redemption, please login to your account and click Manage Your Online Points.
* HK$100, HK$200, and HK$300 online cash vouchers are valid for minimum online purchases of HK$700, HK$1200, and HK$1700 respectively.


Cellbone Online Rewards Program is offered to online purchases made at Cellbone HK website ONLY. Purchases made at Cellbone Specialty Stores/Manning's counters do not qualify for online reward points. Cellbone Online Rewards Program and Stores' VIP Reward Program are separate offers, reward points from these two programs cannot be combined or trasnferred.

Terms & Conditions

1. Every HK$1 spent at Cellbone HK website shall entitle 1 online point. In case of refunds/exchanges, points earned on that transaction shall be adjusted accordingly.
2. Earn 500 Online Points By Referring A Friend : Your friend must be a new customer at Cellbone HK and must have clicked the link provided when entering our site to make a purchase of HK$500 or above.
3. Cash vouchers redeemed are valid at Cellbone HK website ONLY. They are not valid at Cellbone Specialty Stores/Mannings' counters.
4. Online reward points are valid for earning/spending in Cellbone HK website ONLY. They are not valid at any other online Cellbone stores in any other countries, nor can they be used at any retail stores.
5. Product and/or voucher rewards cannot be redeemed for cash and are NOT returnable for exchange/refund.
6. Online reward points offered at website, and the reward points offered at Specialty Stores belong to two individual reward programs. Points are not transferrable within the two programs, nor can they be combined.
7. Online reward points are valid for 365 days from the date you first start earning points if you do not use them. Expired points will NOT be reinstated.
8. Points are NOT transferable to any other online accounts whether or not such accounts belong to the same person.
9. We reserve the right to amend reward points earning & spending rules at any time without prior notice.
10. We reserve the right to cancel or adjust any points from any accounts in case we found proof of dishonest/illegal behavior associated with these accounts.
11. In case of disputes Cellbone’s decisions will be final and conclusive.